Activities at Ben Damph

Ben Damph Estate has alot to offer those who enjoy the outdoors, with 14,500 acres of land, it contains an awe-inspiring mixture of magnificent mountains and glens, sea lochs and inland lochs, with views constantly changing colour and mood.

Deer Stalking and Rough Shooting

Deer stalking and rough shooting are by arrangement.

The red deer stalking on Ben Damph is exceptional. The steep ground, changeable weather and magnificent scenery make for unforgettable days on the hill. Ten to 15 stags are normally taken between 25 Aug & 20 Oct and 20 hinds between 21 Oct & 15 Feb. Currently the roe deer population is being conserved so that numbers increase to utilise the 400 acres of regeneration and new plantings on Loch Damphside.

Stags £350 (£150 outing fee + £200 for stag shot)
Hinds £250 (£150 outing fee + £100 for hind shot)

Rough Shooting in season:

There are ptarmigan on the high tops above 2000ft and a few grouse, while greylag geese, duck, snipe and woodcock are on the lower ground. A pointer or setter is useful for the grouse and a spaniel or labrador for the other species.

Cost: £30 per gun per day